O primăvară frumoasă !Inapoi  

Primavara rurala

Primavara, fata mare,

A sosit in sat la noi,
Ca un cantec de cimpoi

Intr-o zi de sarbatoare...
A picat azi-dimineata
Si, abia intrata-n sat,
Satul tot s-a desteptat
In parfum de izma creata!...
Primavara, fata mare,
Vine-n fiecare an
In pantofi de magheran,
Daruiti de Sfantul Soare...
Si de-ndata ce-si arata
Toti in jurul ei fac roata!...
Toti copiii
Si batranii
Isi umfla, la fel, plamanii
Si-si fac cruce de-asa fata —
Doctorita fara plata...
Ii deschid ferestrele
Sa le-alunge boalele
Si dihonia din case...
O ridica-n osanale
Ca pe-o scara de matase,
Pana-n ceru-al saptelea...
O pornesc cu ea
Pe sosea,
Pana la fantana-n vale,
Ca s-o spele pe picioare,
Fiindca-n fiecare an

Cand soseste-n sat la noi,
In pantofi de magheran —
Primavara, fata mare,
Toata-i plina de... noroi!

Autor: Ion Minulescu

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  Adaugat de: oGeHVxZ0
09 August 2014 (16:43)
I had assumed a lot of the bigegr journals must be running al l photos of gels (or similar outputs) through automatic rout ines to check for discontinuities of contrast' etc basic ally any feature that would indicated cut n paste, or dicey non-linear contrast enhancement. Don't they all ask for th e original non photo shopped at all' TIFF images? It remi nds me a bit of student plagiarism, where we as a Faculty ha ve now (this last several years) taken to making students su bmit all written work electronically to a central server and running every single piece of it automatically through plag iarism-checking software.PS Nice re-touch job by your proge ny, BTW. And cheaper than botox, if you keep it in the famil y !
  Adaugat de: ku1XT1WmS1
09 August 2014 (23:00)
That it's commonly done, I know! Is it etacihl? I don't kno w.It's a tough call, because an artist can claim that he/sh e hasn't updated his/her photo recently. The same way I don 't for my lab website. But even if done with clear intent, is it wrong? Does an artist owe anyone a recent depiction?Ph otoshopping, most would agree, is a different issue. But is adding clarity to the proof always so different from the lig hting and focus in the actual photo? Tough call.
  Adaugat de: PPht5uJC4fyi
05 Iunie 2016 (05:28)
November 1, 2012 at 11:18 amI have both a plastic digital scale and a glass one, and my weight varies by almost 3 pou nds. The plastic scale being the one to say I way more. I&1 ;#278m not sure which one to believe. Reply
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